Garrett G55 - Top of the line.

Now  available the new G55 turbocharger series; capable of 1000-2900hp per  turbo! The latest addition to our most advanced turbocharger series; our  G Series!  G55 features the same compressor stage (compressor housing  and compressor wheel) as the popular GTX5533R and GTX5544R Gen II  turbos. 

There are 7 G55 turbochargers with different compressor inducer sizes and horsepower ranges: G55-1850 (85mm) | G55-1950 (88mm) G55-2100 (91mm) | G55-2250 (94mm) | G55-2450 (98mm) | G55-2650 (102mm) G55-2900 (106mm).The main difference is the center housing and turbine wheel aero. The air cooled center housing is one piece aluminum and is 28% lighter than GTX. G Series | G55 turbine wheel is 4mm larger at the turbine exducer and provides up to 15% more turbine flow than GTX. It features advanced aerodynamics, and a redesigned hub that can decrease spool-up time by 6%.Advancements in turbine aero will reduce backpressure on an engine (if operated at the same turbo RPM) allowing the engine to operate more efficiently and with less strain on internal components. This is because the turbine wheel can flow up to 15% more exhaust volume when compared to the GTX turbine wheel.