Garrett Reman - Original bytesturbo / Utbytesturbo

Här finner ni vårat sortiment utav Garrett reman turbos.

Vi  har stort lager utav dessa fabriksrenoverade originalturbos som har 3  års garanti ifrån tillverkaren samt håller standard som fabriksny.

Värnar man om pris / miljö / kvalité så är Reman sortimentet ifrån tillverkarna det självklara valet.

Garrett Original Reman


Each  Garrett® Original Reman turbo is  re-assembled to the same  specifications as original new parts and  inspected against original  production drawings. As a starting point,  Garrett remanufactured turbos  receive several new original components,  such as actuators, compressor  wheels, bearing systems, seals, O-rings,  piston ring seals, bolts and  clamps. As an additional customer benefit,  any part which has been  upgraded since its original introduction will be  replaced with the  newer part in a remanufactured Garrett turbo.

The Perfect Fit for Vehicles 7 Years or Older

The  Garrett® brand is synonymous with quality, performance  and  reliability… now we are bringing the same values to the global   aftermarket with our remanufactured turbo range.

When  replacing turbos, especially those from the technologically   sophisticated Garrett VNT™ range, there’s no need to risk poor   performance or engine damage that may result from using non- original   poorly assembled parts. With ‘Garrett Original Reman’ we provide  another  choice for the best possible support of a mature product  line-up.

The  complexity of Garrett VNT turbo architecture is underlined by   component tolerances that can be just 4 microns – the same as a  particle  of dust and 17 times smaller than a human hair – with  rotational speeds  reaching up to 250,000 rpm.

As  the original turbo designer, Garrett Advancing Motion is  leveraging  its unique technical knowledge and production know-how to  deliver units  matching the engine management system requirements and  emissions  standards through its original assembly, calibration and  balancing  processes.

Every Garrett Reman turbo is…

  • Inspected to same standards as original new parts using original production drawings
  • Re-assembled, balanced and calibrated to same specifications as original new parts
  • Individually set up on a turbine flow bench exactly as new turbos
  • Always  fitted with some new original components, such as actuators,   compressor wheels, bearing systems, seals, O-rings, piston ring seals,   bolts and clamps
  • Updated with any components superseded since original design