Turbosmart performance turbos


Turbsomart is excited to announce the all-new Turbsomart Performance range of turbochargers!

Available  in Air Cooled and Water Cooled, the Turbosmart lineup is based around  V-Band fitment and includes various T3 and T4 solutions. There are  reverse rotation units for those after that mirror image look for your  twin turbo setup, or if you need to take advantage of a unique single  install. The Turbosmart turbocharger range is smaller, lighter and  faster. We’ve been watching. We’ve been listening. Turbosmart, Building Boost since 1997!


Turbosmart turbochargers have  been intentionally designed to be as tightly packaged as possible while  not impacting or compromising performance.


Advanced  and modernized materials and the bearing system contribute to a  performance turbocharger significantly lighter than the competition. 


The focus and aerodynamic  balance of the Turbosmart Range of turbochargers is faster acceleration,  which is achieved through maximum flow at low shaft speeds while  optimising other areas of the turbocharger to ensure outright mass flow  is maintained at high speeds and flow.

Lightweight 310s Stainless Steel Investment Cast Turbine Housings. These housings have been CFD designed to optimize aerodynamics and  performance, but also weight. The design of Turbocharger turbine  housings is such that we’ve taken advantage of a more advanced  manufacturing process to create the most lightweight housings possible  while ensuring thermal stability and impact strength for the  installation’s life. Each housing is optimised for AR specification at  the tongue and across the housing.

Lightweight, Aluminium compressor covers feature CFD-driven and optimised AR design with an anti-surge inlet,  built-in speed sensor and boosts reference ports. The covers have been  designed for the lowest possible weight while providing optimal  aerodynamics and respect to the required ARs.

T14 Inconel Turbine wheel for Extreme EGTs and unique aerodynamics and profile for high mass air flow potential  with a focus on overall engine pressure differential. Trim combinations  have been developed to optimise end-to-end engine pressure differential  through expansion ratios and reduced back pressure. The low profile hub  of the shaft contributes to mass flow, complementing the aerodynamic  balance further.

Proprietary Dual Ceramic Bearing System with optimised efficiency and reduced friction losses, contributing to  increases in transient response. The bearing system is designed and  validated for the lowest rotating mass and friction for industry-leading  shaft inertia and maximized transient response. The bearing system  accommodates aggressive aero at low shaft speeds while maintaining  stability at high shaft speeds where the high-end flow capabilities can  shine.

Oil Management and Centre Housing has been designed to offer market-leading oil sling at low shaft speeds  via an oversized shaft hub with improved oil sling at the compressor  side. At the same time, double gas rings exist on the turbine side,  combining to achieve exceptional oil management. Optimised Oil  management ensures oil containment within the turbocharger assembly and  eliminates the concern of oil passing into the compressor, or exhaust  and contributes to optimal emissions. The Housing is specifically  designed to aid oil flow and is manufactured from modernized cast iron,  including an integrated backing plate for the compressor cover. This  additional rigidity in the chassis allows better alignment and  concentricity of the compressor cover while offering improved overall  strength and impact resistance.

Aerodynamics of the Compressor Wheels has  been created with aggressive low-speed movement in mind to aid in  higher power levels at lower shaft speeds. The 7+7 Splitter Blade design  uses a tapered back-cut wheel recessed into the centre housing for  optimal airflow management. The compressor wheels are 2618-T6 Forged CNC  Billet Aluminum, which is CNC Milled, including an integrated nut,  further reducing rotating mass.

Transient Response is the name of the game.  The Turbosmart range of Turbochargers was designed around an  ultra-responsive bearing system and main shaft assembly through  innovative and careful use and balance of technology and materials. This  responsiveness can then be balanced with aggressive aero for improved  performance at lower shaft speeds, reaching target boost and power  levels earlier while also aiming for exceptional overall end-to-end  engine pressure differential through the rear wheel and housing design  and specification. The balance of attributes for these units has been  aimed at acceleration via mass air flow optimization at all shaft  speeds.

Develop. Test. Validate. The  Turbosmart turbocharger range was designed to focus on the overall  engine pressure differential, targeting lower pressure differentials  across your engine through careful wheel design, trim and aerodynamic  selection while maintaining the smallest, lightest and most responsive  unit possible. The Turbosmart turbocharger range has been validated and  tested to strict and demanding conditions, ensuring this optimum balance  has been achieved and delivered, including all test data, including  compressor maps. The TS-1-5862VB082E is shown below, and more are  available on request and online.